It was 20 years ago Monday a Jackson County Sheriff's deputy found the body of an 18-year-old girl at Lincoln Cemetery

It was just a few years later one of her classmates was found guilty of her murder and sentenced to life.

Family and friends of that man are now asking the governor to get involved and set him free.

Benjamin Thomas only recently met Byron Case. A friend of Case's mother, Thomas is helping fund a handful of billboards across the metro.

It's all in an effort to bring publicity back to a case many will never forget.

"What we really need is a post conviction attorney to take up this cause and hopefully find out what really happened," Thomas said.

Anastasia Witbolsfuegen was shot and killed in Lincoln Cemetery. Several kids had been out that night with Anastasia, including Case.

Years later, one of the teens told police she watched Case murder Anastasia. Case was tried, convicted and sentenced to life.

Citing circumstantial evidence and saying the key witness was unfit because of a history of substance abuse, Case has tried repeatedly to have his case thrown out. Court after court has said no.

Case's family believes his "goth" appearance at the time didn't do him any favors, but say all of the kids were part of that group at the time, something a lot of teenagers were into in the 90's.

Thomas is just one of several supporters who are now asking Missouri Gov. Eric Grietens to take a closer look at the evidence that was not allowed in - and step in to change the course of one mans life.

"I just feel like the 20 year anniversary of Anastasia is weighing heavy on my heart because I don't feel like she got Justice," Thomas said.

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