Free public records offer background checks for anyone


Background checks used to require extensive time and effort, like going to a courthouse and pulling records on the person in question.

Now people can get that information by just logging on to the internet, and it costs little to nothing.

It is something no parent wants to imagine - someone with sinister motives coming in contact with their children.

So it is understandable that a parent would want to know just everything about that individual.

"I've had a couple of background checks run because of the babysitting thing. Especially nowadays with all that happens, it's important to get the background check in there," babysitter Lindsey Baumeister said.

Private investigator Ron Rugen said there are many different types of background checks.

"Background checks are very cafeteria-style depending on what you want, whether you are going after someone as a business partner or a babysitter," Rugen said.

And these days, it has become fairly simple, but first people need the most basic of information.

The first thing people should do is know their address history. Find out where they lived in the past 10-20 years.

In Kansas, people can check sites like the Johnson County, KS, District Court public records or the Wyandotte County Detention Center.

For a look at cases in Missouri, Rugen suggests Missouri

But it is best if people have a date of birth or social security number of the person they are researching so they don't pull up wrong information.

"If I look up a 'Dave Jordan,' that's a fairly common name," Rugen said.

Even the simplest of searches can bring peace of mind to parents worried about the safety of their children.

"If you are working with kids, parents deserve to know what's going on," Baumeister said.

Rugen said that just because a person shows up on the websites, it is not confirmation they are guilty of anything.

Rugen also recommends running names through the Kansas Highway Patrol and Missouri Highway Patrol websites.

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