KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- So far this year, 120 people have been murdered in Kansas City. 114 of them were killed with some sort of a gun.

Now a former Kansas City mayor is pushing an idea to reduce gun violence in this country by showing crime scene photos.

KCTV5 spoke to a mom whose son was shot and killed almost a decade ago.

She’s not sold on the former mayor’s idea of showing graphic pictures from deadly crime scenes to show the real effects of gun violence.

Darreon Murray had his whole life ahead of him.

“A senior at Hogan Prep, he was going to graduate and got to college, he liked to play basketball,” said Latrice Murray, Lost Son to Gun Violence.

He was killed in a drive-by shooting on March 7th, 2009.

He was one of four people shot and was only 17-years-old.

“Yep, I miss him,” voiced Murray.

Former Mayor Mark Funkhouser says it’s not likely news outlets, police or doctors will show bloody pictures of victims of gun violence, but their families should.

“They can insist that we see the result of our weak, ineffective and poorly enforced gun policies,” said Funkhouser.

Murray’s mother Latrice doesn’t agree.

“As a mother I don’t think that’s anything we need to see in the public,” expressed Murray.

Latrice works with the anti-violence group Mother’s in Charge to help another parent’s going through the same thing.

She remembers seeing her son at the hospital.

“He was cleaned up, but he was just lying there and as a mother I felt helpless and some days that’s all I see is my son just lying there and I can’t help him,” exclaimed Murray.

She says it’s still devastating for her almost nine years later.

The violence-free KC committee posted a video a couple months ago to highlight the impact of gun violence in Kansas City.

It doesn’t show bloody pictures, but it does show people who have been shot.

“Our hope is that people really understand the choices that they make have implications and that no one is walking away any better when you resolve conflicts with violence,” explained Damon Daniel, President, AdHoc Group Against Crime.

Funkhouser says we need ugly pictures.

“We need ugly pictures. Not the pictures of the sweet faces of the children of Newtown, Conn., before they were slaughtered, but the awful sights that so shocked the first responders,” voiced Funkhouser.

But Daniel thinks the answer is more complex.

“It’s bigger than just the images. There is a narrative there, but we have to ask ourselves, at the end of the day what’s the outcome that we’re seeking here,” said Daniel.

Murray’s death is still unsolved.

There’s a link to former Mayor Funkhouser’s full article on our website.

“Why We Need to See the Grisly Reality of Gun Carnage”

“Physical Realities of Gun Violence” 

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