Former KCK officer accused of threatening police chief, captain


A former KCK police officer is accused of threatening the lives of police Chief Rick Armstrong and Capt. Greg Lawson.

A federal grand jury has indicted Johh R. Hudson. He faces four counts involving threats he allegedly made against Armstrong, Lawson and other law enforcement officers.

According to court records, Hudson wanted to retaliate against Armstrong and Lawson for providing information to FBI agents regarding the investigation into some members of the SCORE Unit stealing items during search warrants and possible civil rights violations. Hudson was an elected officer with the Fraternal Order of Police when the investigation took place.

Hudson said they were "black rats" who would be "eliminated," according to court records. In addition, Hudson allegedly said he would "start taking them out one by one."

The grand jury issued the indictment on Wednesday. The threats were allegedly made in February and March.

Hudson worked as a KCK police officer for 15 years until he resigned two years ago. Hudson was recently working as a teacher at the Herndon Career Center in Raytown, MO, as a criminal justice instructor for juniors and seniors.

Thursday morning, FBI agents raided Hudson's home at 789 Manorcrest Dr. Neighbors said they were stunned to see FBI agents with guns swarm the home and lead Hudson out.

A neighbor described Hudson as a caring father of two children and cannot imagine him harming anyone. Those who know Hudson wonder if he was a disgruntled former officer who mouthed off to the wrong person, but was simply making idle threats.

An FBI spokesperson declined to say what evidence they have that Hudson planned to act out on his remarks.

The FBI recovered a .40-caliber Glock handgun, a magazine and 16 rounds of ammunition.

Armstrong and his department declined comment.

Hudson made his first court appearance Friday morning and in it the prosecuting attorney described him as now being "a danger to the community."

Cameras were not allowed in federal court, but the prosecuting attorney asked that Hudson remain in detention until his next hearing.

The Raytown School District did not want to make a comment about Hudson's recent arrest.

The president of the Fraternal Order of Police issued a statement saying, "the allegations against Hudson happened after he left his position with the police department and the Fraternal Order of Police." President Mark Bundy went on to say, "This does not have anything to do with the business of the Fraternal Order of Police nor does it affect the relationship between us and the police department."

The judge decided to keep Hudson in custody. He is scheduled to be back in federal court Wednesday afternoon.

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