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KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – The Kansas City, Missouri Health Department has said that it will no longer use bleach in situations similar to the one that happened recently with a group called Free Hot Soup.

The Health Department tweeted on Saturday, “Given recent events regarding ‘Free Hot Soup,’ the Health Department has reviewed its food inspection practices. Please read our Updated FAQ to learn more.”

They then linked to a six-page PDF called "FAQs: ‘Free Hot Soup’ & The Importance of Safe Food Handling Practices."

The second question in the document asks, “Why did the Health Department pour bleach on food for the homeless?”

The document answers:

“While the use of bleach may be alarming, it is a common practice used by public health departments throughout the country when responding to direct threats to public health from potentially contaminated food. The inspector at one location was told food would be re-served after being placed in trash bags, therefore the inspector had to use bleach to ensure the food in question would not be served.”

Then, they note the chance in the usage of bleach going forward:

“In response to residents’ concerns, The Health Department has reviewed its food disposal practices during inspections. In the future, inspectors will no longer use bleach in these types of situations.”

Brad Lemon, the president of the Kansas City, Missouri Fraternal Order of Police, tweeted in response to the health department: "I am glad the use of bleach has been discontinued. Hopefully there will be no more need for our union’s members to be called to watch the destruction of food meant for those that have nothing."

The entirety of the PDF from the health department has been embedded below:

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