Critics being weeded out of Missouri governor's jury pool

Greitens' attorneys also sought to dismiss people whose answers to jury questionnaires indicated a potential bias against the governor. (KCTV5)

The state of Missouri is preparing for its governor to stand trial.

Jury selection begins Thursday for Gov. Eric Greitens’ felony invasion of privacy trial.

The trial begins Monday and the governor’s defense team is working to exclude certain items from the courtroom, including calling the accuser a, “victim”.

Lawyers also want previous news reports banned, though the state is fighting that by saying, “The defendant’s silence and evasive statements is unquestionably admissible”.

On Tuesday, digital forensic experts examined the governor's cell phone behind closed doors. Copies were made of the contents of the cell phone and data was extracted from Greitens’ Google account. It remains to be seen what role the governor’s cell phone and Google account will play.

Digital forensic expert Greg Chattan says investigators have some obstacles ahead.

“If you get it to us quick enough we will likely be able to retrieve almost everything that’s been deleted,” Chattan said. “The more something is used, the less likely we’re able to recover deleted data.”

A former campaign worker has released new information about an issue he encountered while working for Greitens.

Mike Hafner says he is a political consultant in Missouri and works on campaigns. He worked for the Greitens campaign for three months in 2015.

In January of 2015, Hafner says he received an email from Greitens assistant with an attachment called “The Mission Continues List”.

Hafner says it was indicated he was to use the list to help build a fundraising plan from the list.

When Greitens asked Hofner to meet with a person with the charity, Hafner didn’t.

"Certainly when you are meeting with employees of a charity and using that for political purposes, that’s a road I was not comfortable going down and that's why I never set the meeting," Hafner said.

Hafner says he was asked to leave the campaign after three months.

On top of the invasion of privacy charge, Greitens has also been charged with tampering with computer data, which is a felony. Prosecutors say they found probable cause to believe that the governor violated Missouri State Statute 569.095 that was in place at the time of the incident. Prosecutors said they have evidence Greitens, acting with others, took and used data owned by The Mission Continues, for the purpose of soliciting funds for his campaign for governor.

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