Family hopes drone will help find answers in whereabouts of Desirea Ferris

(Family photo)

Volunteers are giving the family of a missing teen new hope as they use drones and high tech software to scour the metro for any sign of Desirea Ferris.

Ferris was last seen on May 1, 2017.

Family members have continued searching for her throughout the Kansas City metro area.

Now, they are using a piece of technology that's close to home - a drone named after her.

"We feel like we have missed her," said Jennifer Ferris, her stepmother. "We feel we are in the right area."

Travis Carlier is flying Ferris' drone grid by grid in areas that were pinpointed by tips to volunteers.

"You can see clear as day all the way to the ground," he said. "You can even see underwater in the river."

Shane Michaels, a volunteer from Canada, is using software to analyze the drone video in hopes of finding clues to assist the family.

During an initial search, Michaels spotted a stolen truck and what appeared to be a possible torso and legs. But when volunteers checked the location on foot, they discovered a mannequin.

While the drone has not led to her discovery yet, family members say they won't stop looking for her - and the technology

"It is a new hope and after we are done with the nightmare, we are involved in we hope to use it for other families," Jennifer Ferris said. "Maybe Desi’s drone can keep going."

The family is holding a fundraiser April 7 in Kearney to raise funds so they can purchase billboards to place near the places Desirea Ferris was last seen and near the people they believe are remaining silent about her whereabouts.

The VFW post at 301 W. Washington St. will host the event from 5-8 p.m. The cost is $10 per adult and $5 a child. A spaghetti fundraiser, silent auction and raffle will be held.

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