ST. CHARLES, MO ( - Police said the man who shot and paralyzed an Amazon delivery driver at a St. Charles Target had a conceal carry permit but that his shooting was not justifiable.

Illinois gun range to offer free classes to teachers

Person shooting gun at range (Credit: KMOV)

“With proper training, that’s a situation that never should have happened,” said Paul Bastean, the lead firearm instructor at Ultimate Defense in St. Peters.

It’s why Bastean says people still need to take conceal carry training even if the law says they don’t need the permit.

“Lots of times people come in and say ‘I was in fear for my life.’ Nowhere in state statute do the words ‘fear for my life’ come in to play,” explained Bastean. “There's a formula, they have to have access to you they have to have intent to do harm and means of doing harm.”

But since 2017, when Missouri made it legal to carry a gun without a conceal carry permit, Bastean has seen a decline in people taking classes.

“We used to have about five per month, now were down to four,” he said.

And in St. Charles County, the numbers of permits issued by the police department has dropped dramatically.

According to records obtained by News 4, in 2015 the county issued 7,774 permits, in 2016 it issues 7,628 permits. But in 2017 when the law went into effect, that number dropped to 1,012 and in 2018 it was 1,261.

At Ultimate Defense, Bastean puts students in real life scenarios so that if they ever have to use their gun, they’re prepared.

“So you get used to gun pointed at you, you pointing gun at someone else,” he explained.

He says there are often big misconceptions of when a gun owner is legally allowed to use deadly force. In 2018, a man was charged with assault after he shot the man who stole his car.

“You can’t use deadly force to protect stuff,” said Bastean.

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