An emotional Debbie Bradley lashed out at those who have said she is responsible for her daughter's disappearance four months ago as she pleaded for her safe return.

"There are so many hateful people and so many negative people," Bradley said during a national television appearance. "Insane theories they come up with."

She said this "is not a circus, a game."

"This is my baby," she said.

Bradley, Jeremy Irwin and their New York attorney Joe Tacopina taped an appearance on the Dr. Phil show that aired across the country Thursday. Irwin and Bradley reported their then 10-month-old daughter Lisa Irwin missing at 4 a.m. Oct. 4.

They said an unknown intruder snatched her from her crib while she slept.

During the show, Bradley also became emotional and sobbed. She pleaded with her daughter's kidnapper to return her.

"We love her and her brothers more than anything in this world. We are dying here. It's been over three months. I would do anything to see her again," Bradley said. "There is $100,000 of a reward for anyone who knows anything. You would be doing Lisa justice in bringing her back to her family where she belongs. All you have to do is call."

The show's host, Phil McGraw, questioned Bradley about her drinking in the hours leading up to her daughter's disappearance.

Bradley has admitted she was drunk on wine and blacked out. She said she last saw her daughter at 6:30 p.m. Oct. 3 when she put her daughter to sleep 90 minutes earlier because she said her daughter was sick and fussy. Bradley said she cannot say for certain whether she checked in on her daughter when she went to bed at 10:30 p.m.

Bradley was also defiant about her heavy drinking the night she went missing. She said she does not have a drinking problem and her drinking had nothing to do with her daughter's disappearance.

But she also said she has remorse because she said her being drunk prevented her from hearing something that could have stopped her daughter's kidnapping.

"Pretty much the only thing I'm guilty of is drinking too much," she said. "And when she comes back, that's something I have to live with, that I might have heard something and been able to stop them. But that's been blown so far out of proportion."

She said she is a good mother.

"I have always put my kids first," she said. "All three kids mean everything to me."

She said she understands why people question her actions, particularly because of her drinking.

"It's time to come to a reasoning that enough is enough. My daughter is missing. She is OK somewhere because nobody kidnaps a beautiful 10-month-old little girl. She is out there somewhere. I am desperate to find her. I am clinging onto a shred of sanity here. I just want my daughter home."

In the Dr. Phil interview, Bradley said if she had been involved in her daughter's disappearance, she would have been arrested by now. She had previously said she expected to be arrested.

Bradley dominated the interview and Irwin offered few words. He primarily focused on the difficulty the family is facing. He said some people have been supportive while others are suspicious of them.

He also spoke about the joy and pride he felt when his daughter was born Nov. 11, 2011. Pictures of Lisa's birth were shown during the show. He clutched Bradley's hand during the interview.

"All I know is someone came into our house and took her and she's out there somewhere," Irwin said.

Tacopina praised the FBI's efforts and continued his criticism of the Kansas City Police Department. He said detectives told Bradley that she failed her polygraph when she was asked if she knew where her daughter was.

But Tacopina said he "checked into this," and that Bradley did not fail it. He did not say who confirmed this information.

Capt. Steve Young, a spokesman for the Kansas City Police Department, issued a short statement in response to Tacopina's criticism.

"Our one and only goal, from Day 1, has been to find out what happened to Lisa Irwin," he said.

McGraw became irritated with Tacopina for interrupting his clients when McGraw asked them questions. Tacopina shot back that McGraw's producer knew which questions Tacopina would answer on behalf of his clients and McGraw should take up any issues with his own producer.

Retired Capt. Roger Golubski watched a recording of the show with KCTV5's Sandra Olivas. He spent 36 years in law enforcement including 20 years as a detective in Kansas City, KS Police Department's homicide unit.

He said changes in Bradley's version of events are important because they go to her credibility.

"That sequence of events is essential to investigators and any change in that leads to credibility (issues) so as far as that, I disagree with her," Golubski said.

He said her drinking is critical to detectives.

"It goes to condition and behavior at the time of the disappearance," the retired captain said.

He said he believes McGraw's intentions were good but he said the talk show host did not press enough about her drinking or what she did the night of Oct. 3. He said he would to have seen some topics pursued more to get better answers.

Ultimately though, Golubski said it is good that the parents are talking again to police and the media.

"It's a step in the right direction as opposed to not talking at all," he said.

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