Kansas nursing homes may refuse patients waiting on Medicaid

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It’s a whole new way of thinking about healthcare; cutting out insurance altogether, and many times thousands of dollars in deductibles, co-pays and premiums.

“The word liberating comes to mind. Freedom. From a patient standpoint from a physician standpoint, it just liberates you,” Dr. Hasseb Ahmed said.

Ahmed co-founded Health Suite 110, a direct primary care clinic located in Overland Park.

Ahmed teamed up with other Kansas City doctors to drop health insurance all together when it came to their practice. It seemed to be one of the only ways to get back to actually caring for their patients without insurance getting in the way.

The practice is a member-based clinic.

Instead of paying monthly premiums, deductibles, co-pays and other costs associated with health insurance, patients at Health Suite 110 pay a flat monthly fee.

The cost varies with the patient’s age.Children ages 0 to 17 $10 per month, with an adult member. $50 per month, without an adult member.Young adults ages 18 to 39 $50 per month.

Adults ages 40 to 59 $75 per month.

Seniors ages 60 to 99 $100 per month.

Age 100 or better $1per month, with an adult member. Enrollment fee $90 per adult, waived if paying a full year membership in advance. Additional services:

House Call $50 per visit.

After-hours clinic visit $100 per visit.

After-hours house call $150 per visit.Rob Garza was one of Ahmed’s first patients at the clinic three years ago. He says he understands why some may be anxious to try something so different.

“Change is hard, but once you make it, you'll realize you should've done it a long time ago,” Garza said.

Garza says one of the biggest benefits is constant access to a physician.

“I'll call him or text him,” Garza said. “I don't even come in a lot of times, I'll just text him and let him know hey this is what's going on. He’ll let me know what I need to do or we'll face time or something like that.”

Some patients, like Garza, choose to also carry catastrophic insurance coverage. Garza pays about $100 per month for that coverage in addition to the $75 monthly fee he pays at Health Suite 110.

The direct primary care model is growing in popularity nationwide.

Ahmed believes this could be part of the solution to what he describes as an out-of-control health insurance system.

“Eighty-percent to 90-percent of healthcare can be managed at the primary care level. And we can provide a higher quality service if we have time with our patients and we are connected,” Ahmed said.

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