Disturbing details emerge about boy's isolation, torture before fed to pigs

Adrian Jones lived the last moments of his life trapped in a shower. (Submitted)

Adrian Jones lived the last moments of his life trapped in a shower.

The 7-year-old's death made national news because his family fed his lifeless body to pigs to cover the crime. His stepmother, Heather Jones, spoke with KCTV5 News investigative reporter Angie Ricono from the Topeka Correctional Facility about the disturbing details about Adrian's isolation and torture.

Jones says her stepson was eventually confined to the master bathroom shower stall that was covered with plywood. She says Adrian would be released for a brief period each day that almost mimics what a prisoner in solitary confinement experiences. She says this went on for months.

"He was pretty much living in the shower at the end," Jones said.

"Did you ever beat him?" Ricono asked.

“I spanked him. Yea. I spanked him. I did what I was told to do. I quieted that boy down. (new page) I got him out of there. Get him cleaned him up. I did what I was told to do. What I did was wrong, yes," Jones replied.

Jones says Adrian suffered from severe PTSD and emotional detachment disorder due to the abuse and neglect he experienced before the Kansas Department for Children and Families removed him from his biological mother’s home.

It is unclear who abused Adrian.

“Did you guys know how to manage him and help him with his needs in the home?” Ricono asked.

“No. Mike’s answer for that was yelling, keeping him secluded from everyone," Jones replied.

Jones says the family constantly moved to escape watchful eyes, bouncing back and forth from Missouri and Kansas.

Teachers couldn’t hotline the abuse because Adrian was home schooled, and in Kansas, there is little regulation, oversight or monitoring.

Jones describes a boy who lost his spirit before he lost his life.

“He didn’t yell, scream, cry when Mike beat him at all. Mike said he didn’t feel pain," she said.

Jones says Adrian died trapped in that shower covered with plywood strapped down to a chair.

"His legs were really swollen. His hands were swollen. He had like scars and bruises on his abdomen around his back area from previous incidences," Jones said.

Who all failed Adrian?

When news of Adrian’s death broke, people stepped forward claiming they called DCF to report something was wrong.

Jones says she placed calls too. A source familiar with the investigation confirms there were more than a dozen phone calls to DCF offices in both Missouri and Kansas.

KCTV5 News is publicly calling for those sealed files to be released.

The details will outline exactly how many phone calls were placed and what was reported. It will also allow the public to have a clearer picture of what happened next. How many times did social workers follow up with home visits? Did anyone ever see Adrian? And what kind of plan was there for a child who supposedly had a medical diagnosis and spent months in children’s hospitals?

Adrian was home schooled at the “Jones University,” created by his father.

Jones says that was a strategy used by her husband to keep the abuse quiet. A teacher or principal would have surely noticed something wasn’t right and might have even followed up or reported concerns to the police. Adrian’s maternal grandmother wants to strengthen home school regulations in Kansas.

Heather Jones warns of domestic abuse

Jones says she was a battered woman who was scared to leave her abusive husband but she should have.

“I can see a lot more clearly now. But I know I was at that point in time, I had given up. I was scared to leave. I was scared. What would happen if I left? I knew that I couldn’t support the kids if I left if I took them,” said Jones.

Jones says at one point she had a protection order against her husband but he could always find her. After all, he was a bounty hunter.

Police discovered Adrian’s remains after a friend of Jones called police when violence broke out in the home. Police originally arrested Mike Jones for firing a gun at his wife and charged him with battery and assault.

Heather Jones says her only motivation for doing an interview with KCTV5 was to warn other women who may be trapped in abusive relationships.

“I wasn’t that evil step mother they make me out to be,” Heather Jones said.Resources

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