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OLATHE, KS (KCTV) -- A woman who worked earlier this year at an Olathe daycare is one of two individuals accused of encouraging pre-school aged children to fight each other in a St. Louis daycare.

Mickala Guilford, 28, is facing felony charges after preschool children in their care were encouraged to fight each other.

Guilford was fired from Adventure Learning Center in St. Louis, but got a job at Kiddi Kollege in Olathe, where she worked up until six months ago.

The manager at Kiddi Kollege said she passed all background checks before being hired. 

"This employee resigned her position in May 2018 when she moved to St. Louis," Kiddi Kollege district manager Jonathan J. Kopek said. "This employee passed all KBI background checks and never had any issues regarding the treatment of the children."

Guilford was charged for the crime in 2016 when the video was handed over to authorities but prosecutors say they lacked evidence in the case and she was released. Two weeks ago, investigators say they were able to obtain additional evidence.

Tena Dailey is also charged with first degree endangering a child.

The brawl was caught on camera and parents say it lasted 35 minutes. One 4-year-old suffered a black eye and other injuries.

The disturbing video from 2016 sparked outrage across the country.

St. Louis prosecutors say they reported the crime to state authorities in Missouri.

KCTV5 reached out to Kansas officials but have not heard back.

The full statement from Kopek can be read below:

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