A Kansas City Police officer is sitting in a Northland parking lot when the initial call comes in at 4:04 a.m. Oct. 4.

A father has arrived home. He has found a busted front window and his 10-month-old daughter missing.

The officer flips on his lights and sirens and begins racing through streets to get to Jeremy Irwin and Debbie Bradley's home at 3620 N. Lister Ave.

The officer tells a dispatcher that his computer is malfunctioning and asks the dispatcher to repeat the information. The dispatcher says Irwin doesn't know how long that Lisa Irwin has been missing.

KCTV5 obtained two dashcam videos from the Kansas City Police Department on Thursday afternoon.

The department refused to provide KCTV5 with any dashcam video showing the initial officers interaction with Bradley and Irwin. The department cited an exception to the Missouri Open Records Law.

Lisa's first birthday has come and gone. She remains missing nearly four months later and much suspicion has been cast on the actions of her parents, particularly her mother.

Bradley has admitted that she drank enough during the hours leading up to her daughter's disappearance to black out. Bradley initially told police that she last saw her ill baby in her crib about 10:30 p.m. Oct. 3, but later changed her story to say she last saw her about 6:40 p.m.

Bradley said she expects to be arrested in connection with her daughter's disappearance, but strenuously denies any involvement.

Irwin came home from an electrical job at a Midtown Starbucks just before 4 a.m. Once he realized his daughter was missing, Irwin told police that he raced to a neighbor's home, banging on doors desperately hoping she was there.

She wasn't. He said he then called 911.

The family also discovered three cell phones were missing.

Representatives for Bradley have said she was curled up in a ball and crying her eyes out in fear and desperation for her baby as the first officers poured into the home. But police said in court documents that Bradley did not "initially look for her baby behind the house because she was 'afraid of what she might find.'"

This statement heightened suspicions about Bradley's actions.

Police have not said if the parents were inside or outside the home when they met the first officers.

The Kansas City Police Department initially denied KCTV5's request for the dashcam video, saying they were protected because of an ongoing investigation.

The Missouri Sunshine Law requires disclosure of police incident reports.

After an attorney for KCTV5 challenged the denial, the police department agreed Thursday to release part of the dashcam video.

Virginia Murray, general counsel for the police department, said the agency would release only the initial information, such as immediate facts and circumstances surrounding the initial report.

The department said additional information would be withheld because "any other information contained on either officers' in car video" is a closed record under state law.

Two officers were initially sent to the missing baby's home. Both officers were parked in their cars at 3:58 a.m. One officer's dashcam contained audio while the second one did not.

The officer that did not have audio stopped for several minutes while en route. He apparently did so in order to meet up with his colleague so the two could approach the house together.

That officer's dashcam video ends at 4:11 a.m. The video shows at least one person, apparently Irwin, waiting for the officers on the front stoop.

When the officers got close to the house, they shined their spotlights into yards and wooded areas apparently in an attempt to see any criminals.

Those spotlights revealed nothing.

Questions remain about what happened to baby Lisa.

Irwin, Bradley, their New York attorney, Joe Tacopina, and their New York private investigator, Bill Stanton, will appear on a national television talk show next month on the four-month anniversary of Lisa's disappearance. Publicists for the Dr. Phil show said they will provide their theories on what happened that fateful morning.

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