OLATHE, KS (KCTV) – Emergency personnel are responding to an Olathe shopping center after receiving reports of people being affected by carbon monoxide.

Crews responded to the scene on South Mur-Len Road around 3:30 p.m.

Initially, as many as seven people were reported as affected in the incident, though that number has now dropped to three patients.

They were taken to the hospital to be check out for respiratory issues. Everyone is expected to be okay.

One of those patients is an employee at the Santa Fe Pet Clinic, which is located in the strip mall. No pets were inside the vet clinic at the time of the incident.

An preliminary investigation indicated that the issue arose due to a generator being used as part of a construction project inside the building.

Even though carbon monoxide is clear and odorless, employees working in the strip mall said they realized something wasn’t right.

"I wasn’t really feeling it at the time, but about 20 minutes before we were told to evacuate, I was starting to get nauseous and lightheaded," said Joseph Felkins, who works at Subway.

“Their alarm went off. The alarm went off at Subway. The alarm went off at the hair place. Several of the ladies at the hair place were reporting they were ill,” voiced Gary Barnett, works at The Flower Man Florist.

"When you run a generator, you want to make sure you run it outside of the home or away from the building, because you don’t want to get that byproduct of carbon monoxide into the place where people are breathing," said Mike Hall, Captain of the Olathe Fire Department.

After the incident, firefighters used large fans to get fresh air circulating inside the buildings and took several readings to check carbon monoxide levels and make sure the air was safe.

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