Court records detail timeline of Desirea Ferris' disappearance

A Liberty mother will not give up until she finds her missing 18-year-old daughter whose 19th birthday is just days away. (Submitted)

A Liberty mother will not give up until she finds her missing 18-year-old daughter whose 19th birthday is just days away.

Desirea Ferris will turn 19 on Feb. 11.

She was last seen on May 1, 2017.

Desirea’s family and friends hope taking a closer look at the timeline leading up to her disappearance will possibly jog memories and lead to new tips.

Desirea’s mother, Patti Tam, describes the last 276 days as "pure hell and heartbreak."Patti Tam describes the last 276 days as "pure hell and heartbreak."She believes people with vital information about her daughter's disappearance are remaining silent. A closer look at who investigators believe Desirea Ferris was with before her disappearance @KCTV5 10pm— Emily Rittman KCTV5 (@EmilyRittman) February 2, 2018She believes people with vital information about her daughter's disappearance are remaining silent.

Inside Desirea’s home, her bedroom remains almost exactly how she left it. A note on the family's refrigerator reads, "I want my baby girl home!" Every painful day without Desirea, is marked on a calendar. Tam experiences constant heartache.

“I never even knew this kind of pain existed,” Tam said while sitting next to photos of her daughter. “I fight everyday just to get up. Just to keep going mentally, physically emotionally.”

Tam believes Desirea trusted the wrong people. She fears those people are the reason her daughter never came home last May.

“She trusted these people. She didn't deserve this and she deserves to be home,” Tam said.

Liberty police have not released the identity of any suspects or persons of interest in the ongoing investigation. A search warrant filed in the case shows detectives are tracking who Desirea spoke to and when.

According to a witness, Desirea was with Robert J. Keegan in a Ford F-150 on the afternoon of May 1. The witness says Keegan dropped Desirea and the witness off at a McDonald’s off Van Brunt Boulevard in Kansas City around 5 p.m.

From there, court documents show the witness said Mark R. Arzola gave her and Desirea a ride to a McDonald’s off south 291 Highway in Liberty. The witness says she got out but Desirea stayed in the vehicle with Arzola.

Court records, show Arzola told investigators he took Desirea to a house at 8111 Highland in south Kansas City. Investigators say Arzola told them Desirea left the house around 1:30 a.m. on May 2. He says she got into a white truck but he couldn’t see who was the driver.

On May 2 just before 1 a.m., Desirea texted her sister, “I’m coming home” but she never arrived.

Investigators checked phone records and say Keegan exchanged 23 text messages with Desirea’s phone between 10:20 p.m.-10:58 p.m. on May 1. A detective wrote in court records, “After 10:58 p.m., no messages were exchanged between Keegan and Desirea’s phone leading investigators to believe Keegan may have picked her up from Arzola’s residence.”

At last check, Arzola was in custody in Cass County for violating his probation, possession of a controlled substance and resisting arrest. Keegan is in federal custody after he was indicted for conspiracy to distribute methamphetamine, possession of methamphetamine with intent to distribute, and felon in possession of a firearm. The search continues

“We are not going to give up. We are not going away,” Tam said. “This is Desirea's little army of warriors.” The mother is thankful for supporters including a man who is known as Spike. He and others continue to search abandoned properties and follow leads.

“The family doesn't get to see this girl so the people who may know something should see this girl's face every day,” Spike said.

Desirea’s missing posters are put up all around south Kansas City including many of the places she was last seen.

“They've done enough damage. Just let me bring her home,” Tam said. “There is never going to be closure but give us some answers.” Liberty police tell us they’ve spent hundreds of hours investigating Desirea’s disappearance. To date, many tips keep bringing officers back to south Kansas City.

Desirea’s family asks anyone with information about her disappearance who may have seen her on May 1 or May 2 of last year to call police. A spokesperson for the Greater Kansas City Crime Stoppers says they’ve received 22 tips so far to the hotline. Anyone can anonymously report information by calling 816-474-TIPS or the Liberty Police Department at 816-439-4701. Copyright 2018 KCTV (Meredith Corp.). All rights reserved.



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