KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- The Cleveland Police Department will review how they handled the Kareem Hunt assault call for help.

This comes as no surprise to our investigative unit who has been holding that department accountable for what officers did that night and what they didn’t do.

This really isn’t about Kareem Hunt. It’s about how a police department treats someone famous.

The body camera video stunned KCTV5 and our experts.

Wednesday, all of that is under official review.

This investigation was troubling from the moment police arrived to investigate a 911 call for help.

Upstairs, a woman has been shoved, pushed to the ground and eventually kicked.

A stranger tried to help.

He videotaped the aftermath. The hotel wanted his phone erased but when he doesn't erase it, he’s arrested and thrown in the back of a police car.

“Sounds like the officer was saying you shouldn’t have taped that it was illegal, and I want your phone. There’s nothing illegal about what he did. So, there’s no reason to grab the phone,” said Micheal Tabman, Former FBI Agent.

Officers treat Kareem Hunt very differently, they keep suggesting to him they can turn off body cameras. He’s indifferent at first but finally agrees, yeah turn the cameras off.

They do just that.

“I think the officers’ actions should be internally reviewed by the Cleveland police department,” explained David Langston, Attorney and Former NFL Agent.

We asked three experts to review body camera footage from the night police were called to the metropolitan at The 9 hotel.

They all had major concerns.

“It wasn’t a thorough investigation whatsoever, witnesses weren’t identified, witnesses weren’t followed up with,” voiced Michael Bussell, Private Investigator and Former Detective.

No one officer ever asks to see the video that night and no one follows up.

KCTV5’s investigative team went to Cleveland where no one wanted to talk about that video.

We bugged the mayor, stopped by the prosecutor’s office and swung by the police department to let everyone know we’ll be doing multiple unflattering reports right inside their city.

We also visited the hotel.

We also stopped by the woman’s house where her dad answered the door.

Have you seen the video?

A press release says she needs to contact prosecutors if she wants new evidence considered even though she made it very clear that night she wanted to press charges.

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Investigative Reporter

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