KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- Kansas City, Missouri leaders are taking a look at their top priorities moving into the new year.

A block in Columbus Park used to be a vacant city owned lot, now its affordable housing.

And housing is on the city council’s top priorities for the next year.

Before lawmakers get through the statehouse doors in Jefferson City, Kansas City’s city council is making their priorities known.

Tuesday, the legislative committee met for an hour solidifying 13 points.

Everything from public safety, to laws that could be called discriminatory, to Medicaid transformation.

And so are apartments like the ones in Columbus Park, which advocates see as a way to keep people interested in the metro.

“Not everybody coming to Kansas City is going to have a $150,000 job working at Cerner,” said Kelley Hrabe, Prairie Fire Developers.

These lofts were a public-private partnership.

Hrabe, who developed the area, says quality affordable housing is paramount to keeping KC viable.

“For every unit of affordable housing built in this country, there’s a need for 99 more units,” voiced Hrabe.

Hrabe says half the renters in Kansas City, Missouri are being priced out of luxury apartments like One Light downtown.

But this area isn’t possible without tax credits from the state.

And that is why this group of city leaders added it to the list.

Advocates sitting in the meeting say everything in the city is connected.

“It’s not just about we don’t have enough affordable housing. It’s that we’re building way too much non-affordable housing on the backs of our school children,” exclaimed Angie Lile, Waldo resident.

The two resolutions outlying the city’s priorities were passed this afternoon.

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