KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) – KCTV5 was at the Plaza talking to Chiefs fans Wednesday. Even though there’s mixed reaction from fans, some still think there should be some sort of punishment on the field.

After the Johnson County’s DA office announced there would be no criminal charges filed, KCTV5 wanted to see what fans had to say about it.

A lot of people said he’s a good player but didn’t want to go on camera. Off-camera many said if there is evidence, he should be charged.

“The district attorney is the pro and if he feels there’s not enough to bring charges, then I’d say there’s not enough to bring charges,” Rob Kinder, who is a Chiefs fan, said.

“I think it’s a good thing, but he should be punished in some kind of way, so we would let everyone know if you do this kind of stuff or allegedly, there’s still going to be some consequences you’re not going to get away for free," Vi Luu, another Chiefs fan, said. "So, I think they should suspend him for one or two games. That’s my personal opinion.”

Wednesday evening the Chiefs released a statement that they would not have any further comment while there is an ongoing investigation by the Department for Children and Families.

KCTV5 then traveled to Westport for more fan reactions, but when KCTV5 told them the topic, many took a pass.

“Tyreek Hill,” KCTV5 said.

“Oh no, no. I’m not touching that,” a resident responded.

“I’m better off not talking about it,” another resident said.

The DA said someone hurt a child at Hill’s home, he just can’t prove who did and that’s emotional for Debbie Montgomery, a former school nurse.

“I would not enjoy watching him. I would rather him be off the team,” Montgomery said.

Hunter Hoss is hardly a Tyreek Hill apologist. He was against Hill in the draft because of his domestic violence conviction, but now...

“I don’t know why you can necessarily hold that against him. Just because he did that doesn’t necessarily mean that he did this,” Hoss said.

“He’s innocent until he’s proven guilty, I think they should let him play! Let him put on a helmet,” AY, who is a performer, said.

 But a young fan said it’s more complicated than that. He thinks a suspension, maybe even unpaid, is the right approach.

“As a Chiefs fan, I would want to see Tyreek play and do well but as a person, it’s not a good look,” Seth Brooks, a Chiefs fan, said.

It says something about how many beleaguered players the team has that more than one person said, “Wait, wasn’t he already let go?”

And after some back and forth, it became clear they were confusing Tyreek Hill with Kareem Hunt.

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