KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- The chief of the Kansas City Kansas Police Department has offered a response to the news of a federal lawsuit that accuses members of the department of decades of systematic abuse.

Responding via a video posted to social media, Chief Terry Zeigler said that since was personally not a party in the lawsuit, it would “inappropriate” for him to speak to any of the specific allegations.

The lawsuit stems from the Lamonte McIntyre case. McIntyre spent 23 years in prison after being wrongfully convicted of a 1994 double-murder.

The lawsuit mentions former detective Roger Golubski more than 200 times, accusing him of fixing cases, working with drug dealers and sexually extorting women, including McIntyre's mother.

The suit also claims the department turned a blind eye and superiors even joked about it. Detective Golubski had been promoted to the level of captain before he retired.

Zeigler noted in the video response that he began working with Golubski five years after the McIntyre case. He has previously told KCTV5 News that he had no knowledge his former partner did anything wrong.

He also said that the department never received any complaints about any of the allegations mentioned in the lawsuit, so there was never a department investigation.

The chief did note the Kansas City office of the FBI has looked into the allegations.

After describing the process the department follows for internal affairs investigations, Zeigler noted the allegations were more than two decades old and that he did not want them “to detract from the great work” that the department does in the community.

As of mid-afternoon Friday, Zeigler has still not responded to requests from KCTV5 News for an interview to discuss the allegations made in the lawsuit.

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