Transgender woman killed after being run over multiple times

Tamara Dominguez, transgender woman killed in northeast Kansas City

Tamara Dominguez was killed in the early morning hours of Saturday, Aug. 15th. She was hit by a truck which she had gotten out of, then run over by that truck again and again.

The 36-year-old Dominguez was a transgender woman.

On Sunday, members of the lesbian, bi-sexual, gay, and transgender community, or LBGTQ, gathered to remember Dominguez.

In Spanish, they read the phrase, "todo por que soy bonita." It means "always because I'm beautiful."

The phrase was one of Dominquez's favorites. It was read by family advocate Celia Ruiz.

"They needed this. They really, really needed this," Ruiz said. "It opens up those wounds again but it does so in a way that says, 'this is that person, this is who she was,'" Ruiz continued.

The Kansas City Anti-Violence Project and other advocacy groups honored Dominguez who they described a a vibrant and loving woman.

"We want people to remember that Tamara was a person, that she was a woman, that her identity as transgender was secondary," Randall Jenson said.

Most of the people at the ceremony never met Dominguez, but her death hit hard in the small community.

This event will launch a series of discussions about gender identity, especially transgender women of color.

"It's about bringing us together to talk about what we need and how to move forward. So hopefully we'll have better ideas and steps from these conversations," Jenson added.

Advocates want to send a strong message to Kansas City to stand up to the kind of prejudice and hatred they believe led to Dominguez's murder.

They also want to push police to find her killer.

"They need that closure. They need to find out what happened," Ruiz concluded.

More than anything, the people gathered Sunday night say Tamara Dominguez deserves to be remembered as a beautiful woman in all ways.

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