Bus tour works to show off improvements in East KC


Community leaders feel there's a renaissance happening in communities east of Troost and they want to show off the developments at 18th and Vine and other neighborhoods along Troost and Prospect.

That's why the Urban Neighborhood Initiative organized Saturday’s bus tour in the hopes of correcting some misconceptions.

They took people along the Prospect corridor and showed them some of the housing and business projects in the works. They took people to Uzazi Village, Ruby Jean's Juicery, Nile Valley Aquaponics, as well as other successful businesses.

Some of the organizers and tour guides are real estate developers who are investing there. They also wanted to show people cultural and historic landmarks in the area.

There have been several major projects in the area in the past few years, like the recently completed Kansas City Police Department’s East Patrol station.

The organizers want to change the way people perceive eastern Kansas City.

“Today is an opportunity to let people gain a more balanced view of the 10 neighborhoods we work with in the urban core and know all of the good things going on,” said Dianne Cleaver.

One of the things a tour guide told KCTV5 News is that they want to end the perception that Troost is somehow a dividing line in KC. They said that divide is only imaginary.

Some of the people KCTV5 News rode with on Saturday said they felt like a tourist in their own city.

"There were a number of neighborhoods I had heard about but hadn't gone to," said Lillie Robinson. "I wanted to explore my city and get to know it better. There's a lot you see in Kansas City that's not on the main thoroughfares."

The Urban Neighborhood Initiative said that part of their focus is also on breaking the cycle of poverty in KC by building healthy neighborhoods and affordable housing.

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