A Blue Springs man told police that he and his brother dumped a woman's body in a creek after she died during rough sex, according to court documents.

Both men were charged with abandonment of a corpse, a felony. Police have identified the woman as 48-year-old Peggy Perez of Blue Springs.

Lance Gross, 52, faced a judge Monday on a charge of abandoning a corpse. This comes just one day after the woman's body was found off Highway T in Cass County. Lance Gross's brother, 49-year-old Marlin Gross, is also charged with abandonment of a corpse.

Marlin Gross was booked into the Jackson County Jail about 1:30 p.m. Thursday.

Lance Gross told detectives that the woman was intoxicated but wanted rough sex on the night of Jan. 20. He said the woman "enjoyed rough sex," according to court documents. He said he injected the woman anally with liquid Valium and choked her with a dog collar around her neck, according to court documents.

Lance Gross said he had been drinking too and passed out, according to court documents. He said when he woke up that the woman was dead and he could not revive her.

The woman's body lay for three days in Lance Gross' bedroom before he worked up a plan to dump the body, according to court documents. This included going to a hardware store to purchase items.

Officers said Lance Gross and his brother dumped the body in the 31000 block of Highway T, about two miles west of Garden City, MO, in rural Cass County. The woman's body was tossed off a bridge, according to court documents.

According to a probable cause statement, a witness advised detectives that she had information on a dead body. She told detectives that a friend of hers admitted to assisting in dumping a body in a pond with his brother, Lance Gross.

The witness told detectives that Lance Gross called his brother three days later to come over to his house in Blue Springs, telling him that the woman's body was on a bed in the bedroom.

The two brothers then wrapped the woman's body in a plastic bag or wrap with approximately 300 pounds in weights, placed it in the trunk of a car and drove 150 miles to dispose of the body in a pond near a wooded field, according to a probable cause statement.

The woman's body was actually found in a creek, according to detectives.

It is not clear from the probable cause statement what path they took to dispose of the body.

Cadaver dogs hit on Lance Gross' bed, bedroom and garage, according to court documents. Once the body was found, Blue Springs detectives who had taken Lance Gross to look for it notified the Cass County Sheriff's Office. This occurred about 11 a.m. Sunday.

According to authorities, the discovery was part of an ongoing investigation by police in Blue Springs. She was the subject of a missing person case.

But even though a suspect is in custody, Jeremy McCoy is still pretty shaken up about the grim discovery found on his property.

"Just freaked out not knowing how long the body had been here. Just knowing it was down here on my property, and I was sleeping here last night. It is kind of an eerie feeling," McCoy said.

The Jackson County Medical Examiner's Office said autopsy results are still pending. The charges could be upgraded once those results become available to prosecutors.

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