KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- A billboard is getting the attention of drivers on Blue Parkway in Kansas City.

The billboard features a New Jersey toddler and a message from his mother claiming he was killed by vaccinations.

It went up a few days ago and now the Kansas City Health Department is pushing back.

“It’s becoming more common that we see that there is some concern," said Tiffany Wilkinson of the health department. "However, we try to relay to them that the vaccines are safe and effective.”

The Learn the Risk organization has over 30 billboards across the country.

No one from the organization was available for an interview on Tuesday.

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$3.9 BILLION has been paid out for vaccine injuries since 1989.


A look at the ingredients tells you that these do not belong in a syringe being injected into a child.


Vaccines are neither safe or effective.

Dr S

There is ample science to support a parent who chooses not to vaccinate. In fact, there is so much science that connects vaccines to disease and disability that it is unconscionable to purport vaccines to be "safe and effective." In the end, it is about choice...and maintaining the right to choose one's own path in health. The probelem is the legislators who seek to take these rights to choose away....using nonsensical reasoning that unvaccinated pose some risk to others. This is a proven falsehood and is merely a propagandized way to force compliance. I recommend everyone do their own research and protect their own family to whatever degree their diligence and discovery dictates. To each his own choice and consequence. Keep the legislation OUT of personal healthcare decisions.

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