Belvoir Winery and Inn in Liberty is reportedly haunted

Belvoir Winery and Inn is located in Liberty, Missouri and some people believe it is haunted. (KCTV)

With Halloween looming near, KCTV5 News went to Belvoir Winery in Liberty, which some people believe is truly haunted.

We found out that, as of this fall, you can even spend the night there if you're brave enough.

“Spirits” are a part of any winery, but it's not adult beverages we're talking about inside the former Odd Fellows orphanage and nursing home. We mean the kind that even get the owner a little spooked.

One of the untouched buildings is located next to the renovated winery and Jesse Leimkuehler told KCTV5 News that stepping in there quickly brought him from skeptical to convinced.

“I just remember looking down and seeing goosebumps on my arm and literally my hair standing on edge,” he said. “It was crazy.”

“I’ve experienced a child apparition in the ladies room,” he said. “I’ve also experienced a lady walking across a doorway in the library area. I’m definitely a believer.”

The 1900s history, which is frozen in time, is eerie enough. Nursing clothes, hospital equipment, and school supplies all remain. “It’s still hanging there,” he said. “It hasn’t moved.”

However, attention from psychics and ghost hunters takes it to another level.

“He told us he believes there an older gentleman in that area, and he believes it’s his place and he wants to be left alone,” one video of ghost hunters on YouTube said.

A YouTube video showed what hunters captured on a special SLS camera, which tracks movement in a similar way that video game technology does.

“I don’t really want to step into this,” the person said. “I’ve got to face my fears.”

Well, now you can face your fears, too.

Leimkuehler just opened up a nine-room inn above the refinished winery. It took two years to renovate. It kept the original woodwork, but updated all the amenities.

Even in the five-star accommodations, he said people often sense some uninvited guests in the middle of the night.

“A lot of footsteps, voices,” he explained. “Those are pretty common.”

They’ve written about the experiences in books that are left in each room.

Leimkuehler said some guests have checked out in the middle of their stay because they are too scared to finish the night.

“But, we got a five-star review from them online!” Leimkuehler added.

After all, in the end, they got what they came for: spirits.

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