Assault on KCATA bus driver caught on camera


A man assaulted a KCATA bus driver in a disturbing way as the victim was simply trying to do her job.

The suspect was trying to smash windows, cussing and spitting not only on the driver, but passengers too.

The suspect's behavior, which happened near 35th Street and Prospect Avenue in Kansas City, was caught on film by multiple surveillance videos on the bus.

Just before midnight on Nov. 21, a passenger started mumbling about 'terrorists' as he tried to pay his bus fare.

"He was staggering to get on the bus," said Christian Fly, who witnessed it. "When he got on the bus, he was having trouble putting his money in.”

He tried to force the bus driver to accept his money, but it was covered in blood - along with his hands. On the video, the suspect can be heard calling the driver a "b*tch." She asked the man to get off the bus repeatedly, but he refused.

The driver called her supervisor for help and during the wait, a passenger offered the suspect a band-aid for his hands.

He return that act of kindness with numerous cursewords, which could be heard on the film: "A f*cking bus driver. She's a terrorist and you b*tch. I called you a b*tch and you too. You got a problem with that. Anybody got a f*cking problem?"The angry passenger then spit at a woman riding the bus.

“He walks toward the bus driver and reaches around the plastic cover and spits at her," Fly said.

The suspect than threatened the driver, holding a flashlight like a gun.

Fly said the driver handled the situation with professionalism.

"She handled it very professionally," he said. "I send my regards out to her. She humbled herself."

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