Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann

The Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas has taken to Facebook to encourage members of the church to keep donating.

KANSAS CITY, KS (KCTV) -- The Archdiocese of Kansas City in Kansas has taken to Facebook to encourage members of the church to keep donating.

Archbishop Joseph F. Naumann says the current crisis has created a myth that the church is not being responsible.

There are a new series of carefully crafted videos that have been released.

You may soon see them on Facebook because these are sponsored posts -- meaning the Catholic church is putting its money behind this message to ensure people see it.

In the video, Naumann speaks directly to his congregation about the scandal and promises the church has changed. He also expresses empathy for victims

So far, the videos are getting mixed reaction on Facebook. Others question the timing.

"The easiest way to be transparent is put the name of predators on website. Publish them let everyone know there is a predator in your community," said Kansas City attorney Rebecca Randles.

One former parishioner KCTV5 News spoke to feels these videos are about funding a church that currently has a tarnished image

“Bishop Naumann was really talking about money,” Larry Davis said. “They want the money to continue to flow.”

The church released financial information on their website promising transparency and accountability.

Naumann is quoted as saying he wants to lead the way in the care of victims.

These healing videos strike a raw chord for some people in our area.

KCTV5 News sat down with one accuser who said he finds the videos disgusting.

“Here’s what I would like to tell anyone that will listen: The statute of limitations defense that they used for three horrible years has no bearing whatsoever on what a Catholic priest did to me when I was 11 years old or how it has affected and infected my whole life,” Mike Foreman said.

Foreman’s story isn’t easy to hear. He said he was molested by a Catholic priest from that archdiocese, Father Finnian Meiss, as a child.

“Their own lawyers say it happened,” Foreman said. “I have details that match other victims of the same priest I never met or talked to!”

“When he was there, he abused a girl and it was reported,” said Attorney Rebecca Randles.

Others have stepped forward with shockingly similar allegations.

“Those that have made reports to the office? Approximately 20,” Randles said.

Foreman lost his case and his faith in the church. Church lawyers successfully used the statute of limitations.

He was so disgusted by the process that he created a website:

He now holds signs outside churches and at protests. The back reads: “It is an absolute poverty the statute of limitations is the crown jewel of the Catholic church. What does God think of that?”

He’s not soothed by the new videos that promise the church has changed.

“I’m beyond disgusted,” Foreman said. “There are no words! For him to talk about compassion, healing, and protecting children. How can he say that with a straight face?”

“I wish Archbishop Nauman would call it what it is and stop this abuse (expletive). It’s rape and sexual assault he won’t call it what it is,” Foreman said.

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