KANSAS CITY, MO (KCTV) -- For some passengers, it's going to be a long road home. Most flights from KCI were cancelled this afternoon and the runways even shut down for a few hours.

A handful of Delta flights finally departed after the blizzard cleared.

But during the storm, weary travelers had no choice but to hunker down.

As a slushy, wet mess fell on KCI, Kevin Holladay and his family had no choice but to hunker down and wait for a postponed flight to New Mexico.

“Our first flight was rescheduled. We have about 11 hours ahead of us,” said Holladay.

What does this mean?

“Oh this is on my to do list. I've been wanting to fix my briefcase for so long,” said Holladay.

Watching the snowplows clear the runways is good family time.

“We have to show our kids what to do when times are tough,” explained Holladay.

His daughters are studying for a test.

“I actually really love it. I love getting snow,” proclaimed Lilly Holladay.

Others see a chance to stay fit.

“I'm walking the airport, doing various forms of exercise, trying to stay busy,” explained Jason Peterson, KCI customer.

They're optimistic.

“We'll get out of here, knock on wood,” said Elisabeth McConnell, KCI customer.

After hours of delays and dozens of cancellations, some grow weary.

“She's (her dog) restless. I've given her a couple bones. She doesn't want any bones. She just wants to go home,” said Meshall Shumate, KCI customer.

Nick Rodriguez has class tomorrow.

“I'm a junior studying computer science at MIT right now,” said Rodriguez, student.

Not the kind of school where you want to miss a day.

“I'm waiting for a bus to see if I can go to United and see if they have a flight left,” said Rodriguez.

Eventually, the Halladays' flight was cancelled too.

“We've decided we're going to take the Amtrack,” said Holladay.

The train is faster than waiting for a spot on a plane.

“It beats sitting around here for sure,” said Holladay.

Now they just have to find a ride.

“That's our next adventure is how do we get to the train station before it leaves,” explained Holladay.

That family is planning on taking an Uber to Union Station.

Earlier tonight, some people were paying nearly $70 for a cab ride to that part of town.

I just checked and it's starting to drop back down to $35 for a car.

Some people had trouble finding new flights from KCI over the next couple of days. Some might have to wait until Wednesday for a new flight out.

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