Some people who received their second dose of the COVID-19 vaccine are discovering it comes with new side effects.

Dr. Matt Deibel, the medical director for the Emergency Care Center at Covenant, said there is a trend with the second COVID-19 dose that is resulting in stronger side effects.

"With it being a two dose, the first dose gets the body primed, or starts recognizing there's something there. That second dose is really where a lot of the effectiveness comes in," Deibel said.

There's nothing to be afraid of, according to Deibel, side effects following vaccinations are usually a good thing.

"You're looking at a much more aggressive body response. Which is what you want. You want your immune system to have that more robust reaction," Deibel said.

Side effects mean the vaccine is doing its job.

Deibel said roughly one in three people who get vaccinated will experience those stronger side effects. He said the best way to minimize those side effects is to make sure you're hydrated before you get vaccinated.

"I would say in general, especially with the second shot, just make sure you're planning on having that day off. One to two days afterwards, just in case," Deibel said.

Another instance where someone could see an enhanced reaction to the vaccine is if they previously had COVID-19 before getting the shots.

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