ST. LOUIS ( — Two doctors with Washington University in St. Louis tested positive for COVID-19 on Wednesday, and both are now in quarantine. 

Lyda Krewson

St. Louis Mayor Lyda Krewson speaks to reporters in St. Louis County Tuesday.

A statement from Washington University said one of the doctors lives in St. Louis City and the other in St. Louis County.  The are not currently working with patients.

The statement said the school is actively working to identify people who may have had contact with the two physicians. 

Mayor Lyda Krewson earlier Wednesday announced there was a second presumptive positive case of the novel coronavirus in St. Louis City.

Krewson tweeted that there is reason to believe that in this case there could be community exposure as the person continued to go to work while exhibiting symptoms. It is believed she was referring to one of these doctors, but they did not publicly confirm that Wednesday, citing HIPAA rules. Krewson's office said the person is middle aged and traveled recently. 

"While we still don't have any detected signs of community transmission at this time, this case underscores the importance of what our healthcare professionals have been telling us," Krewson said. "If you have any cold or flu-like symptoms, don't go to work and seek medical attention."

"All the people who work with that individual have been or are in the process of being contacted," she said. "So figuring out where that person has been the last few days or who he or she might have come in contact with."

Washington University announced two of their students also tested positive Wednesday. Both had recently returned to their homes from Denmark. Neither is in St. Louis.

The first case in the city, a SLU student who recently traveled abroad, was reported Monday. Krewson said that person quarantined and didn't expose anyone else. 

Read more about the first case in St. Louis City here.

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