OVERLAND PARK, KS (KCTV) --- The Shawnee Mission School District on Friday warned parents that school closings are possible due to staffing shortages created by Covid-19. 

In a letter to parents, the district said it has been "able to manage challenges up to this point," but as cases increase, the district could close individual schools for a day. 

"We are fortunate to have been able to manage these challenges up to this point," the district said in a letter to families. "Our staff has shown remarkable flexibility and ingenuity in responding to staff shortages and the unavailability of substitutes. However, it is likely that these efforts will not be sustainable. Were that to happen, we would need to consider closing a school, or perhaps even the district as a whole, for one or more days."

Shawnee Mission spokesperson David Smith told KCTV5 that 130 teachers called out. 

On Thursday evening, KCK Public Schools voiced a similar concern to families about potential school closures.

The De Soto School District and Eudora School Districts were closed on Friday. Warrensburg schools in Johnson County, MO., had a virtual day.

The North Kansas City Schools Superintendent tweeted they filled 100 of the 300 teacher absences with subs on Friday. The district says based on Covid-19 protocols, they expect their numbers to improve next week. 

In an Olathe school board meeting last night, the district’s superintendent said they’re doing what they can.

“This is uncharted territory for schools closing because they don’t have staff, at least in our area. We’re close, just to be honest with you we’re close," Superintendent Brent Yaeger said in a meeting. 

The district sent us a statement saying in part, “district closure due to the impact of COVID on school staffing is a possibility. Parents are asked to have a childcare plan in place now in the event that staffing levels would require the district to temporarily close down.”

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