CHANDLER, AZ ( 3TV/CBS5 ) - While a vaccine works its way through trials to treat COVID-19, an Arizona doctor said he's now seeing "COVID treatment packs" scam being bought and used by patients, specifically from Mexico.

He's warning people how dangerous this can be and shared what's happening to his patient after taking those drugs.

The pack looks legit, but Chandler doctor Andrew Carroll said he couldn't believe what he was seeing.

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"He has new symptoms, whether or not the medications he took on his own, may have been worse than the disease itself," Dr. Carroll said.

Carroll said at his clinic, he has a patient who tested positive for COVID-19 three weeks ago, but that patient said he had been taking a treatment medicine pack he bought across the border.

treatment pack

The treatment pack was ordered from Mexico.

"He went and ordered this COVID kit from Mexico," Carroll said. "The kit contained three antibiotics, one anti-parasitic, and two steroids."

Dr. Carroll said that's a huge red flag right away.

"I know two of the medications can produce pretty significant cardiac problems if taken together, as a matter of fact, we never combine the two," he said.

He said with dangerous rumors about injecting bleach, or drugs like hydroxychloroquine being touted as an effective treatment for COVID-19 despite no proof that it works, he worries people may think a pack like this is a real solution. He said not only is this dangerous, but his patient now has new symptoms, like serious dizziness, that he didn't have at all while he was positive for coronavirus.

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"To me, they're not directly connected to the COVID. They seem to be connected to taking this scam treatment pack," he said.

Dr. Carroll said he's now going through new lab tests with his patient to try and solve what's happened and treat him correctly. He said the best and safest resource for any COVID-19 questions and concerns will always be your primary care physician.


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