A hot bath 1 or 2 hours before bedtime can significantly improve your sleep, researchers say

Preventing clogs in your pipes is one of the best ways to protect your wallet from heavy plumbing bills from broken pipes.

Hair from the shower is one of the most common ways to clog your pipes.

Here is a couple of ways break up the clog if it does happen to you!

• Try pouring a 1/2 gallon of boiling water down the drain. Then turn on the shower on a warm setting for about five minutes.

•If that doesn’t work pour 3/4 cup of baking soda and 1/2 cup vinegar down the drain. Plug the drain for about 30 minutes and do not run any water. Follow up between 1-2 gallons of boiling hot water!

• Finally is that doesn’t work, plug the drain and fill your shower with water enough to submerge the head of the plunger. Remove the plug and try plunging it out!

If none of these work please call Lutz Plumbing! We are happy to assist with your plumbing needs!

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