KCTV5 Stands for Kansas City's seniors, their families and the businesses that serve them. We are proud to present Aging in Style.

Aging in Style is resource for seniors and their loved ones.

Watch for Aging in Style segments during our newscasts, Better Kansas City and on KCTV5.com where you'll find information on topics ranging from health, investments, finding that community and everything in between!

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Find out how to create a strategy which supports your retirement lifestyle and long-term financial goals.

There’s more to your eye health than just good vision. Here is information from general eye care to treatments to high tech procedures.

Choosing the hospital for you is more than just about emergency care.

Choosing the community that meets your needs is simple with John Knox Village.

New to Medicare? Aenta is here to help guide you. Learning more about your options can help you choose Medicare coverage that’s right for you. 

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You are what you eat. Stay healthy by fueling your body, the right way. 

Aging can bring many health and physical changes. Find out how to take care of yourself and make lifestyle changes to help you stay as young as you feel!

The correlation between oral health and overall body health is closer than most think. Here is information on good oral hygiene as we age.

Find information on options in regards to your primary care.

Here is all the information you need on improving your hearing so you don't miss out on the sounds of your life.

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