Beyonce fans buzzing for Sunday finale in Kansas City

Published: Sep. 28, 2023 at 8:00 PM CDT
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - The beehive is buzzing in Kansas City. Fans are swarming to the Alpha-Lite tribute sign at Union Station to take a few selfies and show their support ahead of Beyonce’s arrival on Sunday for the finale of her Renaissance World Tour.

“I wanna hear every single song, and I know she might not sing every song, but I wanna hear every single song,” said fan Jimie Bullard.

Fans are getting in ‘formation’ for Beyonce’s highly anticipated performance.

“She’s a leader. I think the way she carries herself and herself, how she stays out of the spotlight, I just have loved her forever,” said Bullard.

For many KC locals, this will be their first time seeing Beyonce perform in person. They have been ‘crazy in love’ with her music for generations.

“Growing up listening to Beyonce, like my mom always put it on, you know, so just my whole life listening to Beyonce, just knowing she’s gonna be in Kansas City is very exciting,” said fan Jade Elder.

The pop sensation has a catalog spanning two decades. This leaves a lot of room for imagination about what the lineup of the show will look like, but fans say they have one simple request.

“When she does the song Energy, the crowd better go mute when she gets to that point,” said LaQueena Lee.

They say Beyonce couldn’t have chosen a better time to bring her ‘energy’ to Kansas City.

“I think with the Super Bowl, with the World Cup, all those things coming here, I think that helped on their decision to come,” said Bullard. “Because normally we don’t get anything. Kansas City does not get anything.”

That’s until now.

Beyonce takes the stage at Arrowhead Stadium Sunday at 8 p.m.