‘Just be nice’: In season of disappointment, Royals fan exemplifies kindness

Published: Sep. 28, 2023 at 5:24 PM CDT
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - It’s been a rough year for the Kansas City Royals, but there are still moments from the 2023 season worth remembering. One of those moments happened off the field with one of the team’s most loyal fans.

Betty Birzer is the ultimate Royals fan.

“I listen to the games on the radio, watch them on T.V,” said Birzer. “And of course, I have my jersey.”

A Royals jersey filled with autographs from the players. She’s true blue for the boys in blue, even down to her Royal blue wig.

“This year I thought I’m going to wear it every time I come to a game just for fun,” said Birzer.

Now Betty’s love for her team has gone viral. In a video posted by Tik Toker Jake Kosack, Jake met Betty outside Yankee Stadium over the summer.

“You’re a diehard Royals fan,” said Kosack.

“I am,” said Betty.

That’s when Betty decided to share her love for the game with Kosack.

“These are baseball cards that some old Yankees ones that I got,” explained Betty. “I went to an estate sale; I got a whole bunch of them - I thought when I go to these different stadiums, I might give them to someone who likes baseball a lot.”

“Oh my gosh, that’s so nice. Thank you,” said Jake.

Jake then posted the simple gesture of kindness on social media and captured the hearts of millions.

“Don’t be a Karen, be a Betty,” laughed Betty. “When I first saw that I asked my daughter what does that mean? Then she told me, and I said oh yeah… let’s be a Betty.”

“She’s out there showing kindness for no reason other than to be kind,” said Dan Hurter.

Hurter is the CEO of Royals sponsor Pure Spectrum CBD. He said when he saw Betty’s kindness, he knew exactly what to do. Betty was invited to Kauffman Stadium, where she thought she’d watch a game from a suite.

“That’s when a young man from the Royals comes out and says, ‘I need to find the lady with the blue hair because she’s throwing out the first pitch.’ Oh, that’s me!” said Betty.

She also scored a new custom jersey. But the real win?

“They took me down to the press room,” explained Betty.

Soon, that room began to fill with Royals Hall of Famers.

“You know Dennis Leonard, Mike Sweeney, Amos Otis,” said Betty.

Just to name a few. The next thing she knew, Betty was in Hall of Fame training camp.

“So, Mike Sweeney said, ‘Hey, I’ll catch throw some practice balls.’ Then Dennis, who used to be a pitcher, came over and showed me how to hold my arm,” recalled Betty.

The first pitch was captured on video, and you could see Betty even had quite the arm. It was a home run of a day, the kind dreams are made of.

“I’m just so blessed and happy with what I have,” said Betty.

And all because she was being Betty.

“Good things can happen. Just be nice,” said Betty.

Oh, and remember Jake who turned Betty into an internet sensation? Jake is coming to Kansas City and the two will reunite for the last of the Royals games for the season.