Parents, students urged to check insurance policies ahead of new school year

Published: Aug. 16, 2023 at 9:15 AM CDT
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TOPEKA, Kan. (WIBW) - Parents and students have been warned to check their insurance policies for potential savings and gaps that could have a big impact this school year.

The Kansas Insurance Department says with students headed back to school, college students and parents alike may need to add another item to their back-to-school checklist. Kansans have now been reminded of the importance of insurance coverage as students head back out on the road and into rentals.

“Whether you are heading to college for the first time or a parent preparing their child for the school year, it pays to study up on your insurance policies,” Kansas Insurance Commissioner Vicki Schmidt said. “Take time to educate yourself on your insurance needs before heading off to class.”

KID noted that while moving somewhere new can be stressful and exciting, renters should keep in mind that a landlord’s insurance policy does not cover the personal belongings of tenants. Those who do rent should consider renter’s insurance for students to ensure their belongings are safeguarded.

Next, the Department said with a new school year, new opportunities are also ushered in. Unfortunately, scammers are also looking to take advantage of new students. Holders should check homeowner policies to see if it includes identity theft insurance while students are away from home. If a student does rent, they should check whether their renter’s insurance covers identity theft or if it could be added to the policy.

The Department also indicated that many insurance companies offer a good student discount. Holders should inform their auto insurance agent every semester when good grades are achieved. Students could be eligible for a good student discount which could save money on premiums.

Lastly, KID said many students will remain on their parent’s health insurance plans, they should be sure they are prepared to use and understand how their coverage works should they need it. If a student is driving a vehicle owned by parents, they can likely remain on the insurance policy and be listed as a driver. Be sure to make copies of health and auto insurance cards for students before they leave for campus.