Tips for school zone drivers this year

Published: Aug. 15, 2023 at 6:25 PM CDT
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LENEXA, Kan. (KCTV) - Don’t get your school year started with a speeding ticket or worse. School zones are about to get a lot busier. And if you get caught speeding in one you’ll get slapped with a big fine.

It comes down to drivers understanding speed limits in school zones drop severely during arrival and dismissal. And with good reason since more busses are coming through neighborhoods and kids out walking. In most school zones, speed limits drop to 25 or even 20mph. Since the school year has begun in Lenexa, Police urge drivers to be extra prepared to stop.

“Putting down those possible distractions whether it’s cell phones, the radio, eating and drinking,” Lenexa Public Information Officer Danny Chavez said. “All those sorts of things that we always advise against, but especially when those little ones are around. Keep your eyes on the road and what your speed is.”

Fines and penalties can be more serious for reckless driving in school zones. To ensure safety, Lenexa Police have their school resource officers and road patrols monitoring school zones and partnering with crossing guards.

“They’re a huge help to us, very visible helping those kids learn the safe way to cross the street and are very visible,” Chavez said. “Holding the stop signs like all crossing guards, so those folks do serve a valuable role here with school safety.”

By reducing speed, it’s easier to come to a full stop while giving several feet of space from your car to a crosswalk or bus stop. Pedestrians should also keep a close eye on if a car will stop.

“As you’re crossing the street, make eye contact with the driver to ensure they see you before you step out into the roadway,” Chavez said. “You may have the right of way as a pedestrian but if you look at the driver and see they’re on the phone or don’t see you then don’t cross the street even though you have the right of way. "

The Lenexa Police Department is one of many who’ve sent out newsletters to the public reminding them of these guidelines. The Shawnee Police Department also tweeted out a safety video to remember what to do.