Board of aldermen in Greenwood moves to impeach mayor

“I know I’m not guilty,” Mayor Levi Weaver said at the special session on Wednesday
Mayor Levi Weaver.
Mayor Levi Weaver.(Via the City of Greenwood, Missouri)
Published: Jun. 22, 2023 at 6:11 PM CDT
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GREENWOOD, Mo. (KCTV) - The board of aldermen in Greenwood, Missouri, adopted articles of impeachment against the town’s mayor on Wednesday night.

Records on the city website indicate that a special session took place that day. The agenda stated that only one matter would be addressed: “Consideration of resolution R2023-49: A resolution adopting articles of impeachment against Mayor Levi Weaver.”

The resolution lists three specific allegations against the mayor, saying he intimidated an elected official, blocked citizens from using the city’s Facebook page and attempted to violate the city’s ordinances regarding business licenses.

Specifically, Article 1 alleges that Mayor Weaver “went to the house of a member of the Board of Aldermen to confront the Alderman over a dispute” in March of 2022. While there, the mayor “displayed and brandished a firearm in an effort to intimidate the Alderman.”

Article 2 alleges that the mayor “intentionally blocked citizens” from the city’s Facebook page in 2022. “Such conduct was done without the consent of the Board of Aldermen or any other administrator of the Facebook page,” it says. “The Mayor’s conduct was done intentionally to silence the ability of the citizens to engage with their government. Such conduct by the Mayor was a violation of the rights of the citizens guaranteed by the United States and Missouri Constitutions to engage in freedom of speech and to petition their government.”

Finally, Article 3 alleges that the mayor told city staff not to require certain Greenwood businesses to get business licenses in 2022. “Such conduct was done without the consent of the Board of Aldermen,” it says. “Such conduct violated the City’s Code of Ordinances and Jackson County’s Ordinances.”

During Wednesday’s special session, which appears to have started around 7 p.m., the mayor was asked to step down so the board could avoid the impeachment process. He said he wouldn’t do so.

After the mayor spoke, a vote was taken. The motion passed and R2023-49 was adopted 4-0; documentation indicates the mayor was not to vote unless there was a 2-2 tie.

As for where things go from here, the resolution itself would appear to detail next steps (see sections 2-7). That includes the board of aldermen holding a hearing, evidence being presented there, witnesses being questioned, and possibly even a legal advisor being retained by the city. After that and more, a two-thirds vote would remove the mayor from office.

June 21, 2023- Special Meeting (Articles of Impeachment)

June 21, 2023- Special Meeting (Articles of Impeachment)

Posted by City of Greenwood, MO Government on Wednesday, June 21, 2023