Home values now accessible online for Jackson County residents

Those concerned with their property tax assessments in Jackson County now have the option to search values and make appointments online.
Published: Jun. 9, 2023 at 6:02 AM CDT
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Jackson County taxpayers can access property value assessments through the assessor office’s new parcel viewer finder online starting Friday.

The assessor’s office at 1300 Washington in Downtown Kansas City has observed on average a 30% increase in real estate property values for single-family countywide.

The office said that 30% is because real estate values and building costs have had significant increases since the last assessment two years ago. Some Jackson Co. real estate and properties that have not been assessed with fair mark valuations for a long time are a part of that increase.

A new feature offers that those with values exceeding 15% can go online to schedule an interior inspection that could confirm or deny that valuation. Sometimes they don’t need to do a full interior inspection but the owners can just send them pictures.

Traditional property value notices will still be mailed out and will be arriving by June 15. Gail McCann Beatty with the office said people should come into the office if they don’t receive theirs by Tuesday or Wednesday of next week.

“There is a pretty significant increase in Jackson County, and actually statewide, but we do say come and see us if you feel like the value is not correct. But, consult a real estate professional and we do have some here that will sit down with them as well at no cost to our property owners,” said McCann Beatty.

She encourages people to not panic and that both residential and commercial property owners need to review their statements and online assessment information carefully.

The department said a month ago when KCTV5 spoke with them that they want to be transparent with homeowners. The department increased staff from 60 employees to 100 in order to avoid confusion like in recent years. Other changes include a new walk-in option at the office to talk with representatives of the office and real estate brokers. They hired a third-party vendor to assist with a parcel-by-parcel process reviewing the date on every parcel of property in the county. And they hosted 10 community meetings in the past year to educate the public on the whole process.

The parcel reviews are ongoing so they encourage people to contact the office and file an appeal by July 10.

“We are here to help. If you don’t have access to a computer, we have computers set up and staff here ready and waiting for you to come and we will assist you in filing that appeal.”