What to know if you want to see the Chiefs play in Germany

(Aaron Hosman/KCRG)
(Aaron Hosman/KCRG)(KCRG)
Published: May. 10, 2023 at 8:37 PM CDT
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - It’s official, the Chiefs are set to play the Miami Dolphins in Germany this fall. The NFL made the announcement Wednesday.

Now that Chiefs fans know who their opponent is, local travel agencies are already getting calls from people wanting to plan their trips.

“We are anticipating a larger draw to this game than previous international games,” said Joanne Weeks, a travel agent with Acendas.

With the Chiefs coming off a big Super Bowl win and pent-up travel still looming, travel agencies like Acendas said they’re expecting Chiefs Kingdom to show up to Germany in seas of red.

If you’re planning on making the trip to Frankfurt in November, you can expect to pay in the thousands. Travel Agent Joanne Weeks said right now is the time to buy those plane tickets.

“Airfare is looking really good,” Weeks said. “It’s under $1,000 a person, which is pretty reasonable. This is an off-season travel time for Europe, so it’s going to be cooling off. But, you’re not going to see rates in the $1,500 to $1,600, $1,700 a person. If you wait, you’re going to pay more and have a less desirable flight.”

If you’re traveling with a big group, Weeks said you should keep in mind that a lot of international hotels can’t accommodate large groups per room.

“Rooms for three and four are very limited, so take that into consideration. It’s something we don’t think twice about in the States but, a lot of hotels, they just don’t have the rooms that accommodate three to four people to a room like they do here at home.”

Former Chiefs player Danan Hughes is one member of Chiefs Kingdom you’ll see in Germany! He said he’s never been but has heard great things from other players.

“I have not been to Germany,” Hughes said. “I’ve had some former teammates that have been to Germany, back in my day. Oh my gosh, I hate saying that!”

“They raved about it,” he continued. “So, I’m excited. Hopefully, we’ll go for an extended amount of time with the radio network and have some fun.”

Hughes said that, although he’s pumped for the game, he’s a little disappointed he couldn’t see the Chiefs take on the Dolphins at Arrowhead Stadium.

“I would have liked to see Tyreek Hill come back to GEHA Field at Arrowhead and play, and hear the boos and hear all the different energies in the stadium,” Hughes said. “But, we’re going to go over there and do it. And, I think that’s a little more special for all the fans overseas; they get to see that matchup.”

The most important tip to keep in mind if you’re traveling internationally for the first time is this: Get a passport as soon as possible.

“Right now, its running for three to four months,” Weeks said of how long it could take your new passport to arrive. “So, it’s something that you really want to jump on earlier than later. Again, it’s just the influx of people that allowed their passport to lapse during the pandemic. And then, the government department is still struggling to give their staff back up.”

If you’re interested in only buying tickets to the game, you must register through the NFL’s international games site. According to the Kansas City Chiefs, registering for tickets only gives fans the chance to buy tickets. It does not guarantee that tickets will be available when they go on sale to the public.

Single-game tickets for the remainder of the Chiefs 2023-24 season will go on sale Friday, May 12.