Neighbors concerned man is once again firing pellet or BB gun in Waldo neighborhood

Published: May. 9, 2023 at 6:25 PM CDT
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) -- Neighbors are concerned that a man is once again firing a pellet or BB gun inside city limits in their Waldo neighborhood.

Neighbors contacted KCTV5 News last April after they say the neighbor shot at wildlife and pets. Last year, a neighbor shared video of the man firing what appears to be a pellet or BB gun in the neighborhood near Main and East 78th Terrace.

“He goes outside with this pellet gun and shoots not only the neighborhood wildlife, squirrels, rabbits - anything that he can find, but also shoots neighborhood pets,” Tracy Quaethem said. “Ones that are in their own yard, minding their own business, not barking, not bothering anyone.”

Tracy Quaethem said this week her neighbor heard a familiar sound. “A neighbor was out in their yard gardening and was hearing the pings hitting and there he was, again, out shooting,” Quaethem said. “Not only is he shooting wildlife, but there are lots of stray BBs and pellets, pinging off buildings, off the trees and whatever cars are in the way.”

Inside Kansas City, Mo city limits it is illegal to shoot any gun including an air gun or air rifle except for in the defense of a person or property. “People who have had their dogs shot, or people who have had their property damaged are scared to speak up,” Quaethem said.

Last year, Kansas City Police Department Community Interaction Officers were assigned to work toward a resolution. At the time a police department spokesperson said because the man is elderly, officers will be working to contact him and determine if any resources need to be allocated in addition to any legal steps that could be applied.

“I think it probably was affective for a while. However, I think that now, perhaps he feels that it’s been long enough that he can start doing this again,” Quaethem said. “I hope maybe some more interventions can happen. Maybe someone can come and check on him and make sure he’s doing okay.”

KCTV5 News reached back out to police to see if they’ve been contacted following the most recent incident. A spokesperson said they will contact the Community Interaction Officers and follow up.

“We have a busy street. There are children playing and people walking their dogs. School will be out soon and there will be more children playing,” Quaethem said. “Sooner or later someone besides a dog or a cat is going to be hit by stray pellets and BBs.”