KCPD, more than 20 law enforcement agencies preparing for NFL Draft security

Published: Apr. 24, 2023 at 8:16 PM CDT
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - An expected 300,000 fans are beginning to arrive in Kansas City, Missouri, for the NFL Draft.

Kansas City police said that, since 2019, they’ve completed extensive planning and increased staffing to prepare for huge crowds for this year’s NFL Draft. The Kansas City Police Department sent representatives to Nashville and Las Vegas to view the host cities’ NFL Draft planning and implementation to learn what to expect.

KC’s Emergency Operations Center (EOC) helped first responders monitor two Chiefs Super Bowl parades and the Royals World Series parade. This week, the EOC will be used to keep an eye on an even larger crowd.

“With hundreds of thousands of people coming in, that parade is basically drawn out over three days,” said Sgt. Jake Becchina with the KCPD. “This Draft area will probably be the second largest city in the metro area at times, with the population of people that will be there.”

EOC cameras can be used to monitor multiple locations of the NFL Draft and Fan Experience throughout the weekend.

“If we need to adjust resources to somewhere, these cameras can give us that real time intelligence that officers, firefighters, EMS can act on immediately,” Sgt. Becchina said. “They can see it right away.”

More than 20 law enforcement agencies from Kansas and Missouri, along with federal agencies, will be assisting the KCPD.

“Hundreds and hundreds,” Becchina said. “It is similar staffing for what we saw for the parade, is what we will see over the course of three days.”

A barrier has been placed around the NFL Draft grounds and security screenings will take place.

“Coolers with outside beverages, chairs. None of those things are allowed,” Sgt. Becchina said. “Basically, it is you and what you can carry in your pocket.”

Families are asked to make a reunification plan before they head to the NFL Draft. Police recommend writing contact information on a card or wristband. Plan for what to do if your cell phone service is spotty or slow. There will be child reunification stations throughout the event.

Fans are also encouraged to view transportation information before they arrive.

“If you think of it like a convention, this will be the biggest convention that downtown has hosted ever and it’s by a long shot,” Sgt. Becchina said. “Let’s do our best to show the people coming from all over the world what Kansas City is all about.”

Fans cannot bring weapons of any kind, alcohol, animals (except for service animals) or chairs, stools or seating devices. Fans can bring clear bags that fit the NFL’s Clear Bag Policy. Small purses/clutch bags are also allowed. A full list of prohibited items is available here.

Anyone interested in attending the NFL Draft must register by signing up for the NFL OnePass. Click here for more information.

Attendees can text NFLDRAFTKCMO to 888777 to receive text alerts during the Draft and stay update to date on need-to-know information for fans.