Visiting basketball fans enjoy experience in Kansas City

Published: Mar. 27, 2023 at 4:46 AM CDT
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Kansas City hosted an NCAA Tournament Men’s Basketball Regional Final at T-Mobile Center this weekend. The event brought fans to KC from all across the country, and they said Kansas City treated them well.

“It’s just a great city,” said Texas Longhorns fan Alyssa Montanye. “There are so many good things that happen.”

Local businesses in the Power & Light District were flooded with customers this weekend. KCTV5 talked to the staff at Hooley House, who said they think sports has helped open up Kansas City to the rest of the country.

“I’m glad that it brings people here so they can see the city and what we have to offer here,” said Hooley House’s Ceaira Thompson.

The visitors said Kansas City offers a lot -- and they like that the Power & Light District is right next door to T-Mobile Center.

“It’s a dope little set up, the Power & Light, going bar to bar,” said Texas fan Bryce Wilson.

“Great atmosphere over there, the bars are incredible,” said Miami Hurricanes fan Dalton McDonald. “They got everyone kind of involved there. Love it.”

Fans told KCTV5 they think Kansas City was a great place to watch their team punch its ticket to the Final Four.

“That’s the way to go,” said Miami fan Annette Worley. “Have a couple beers, watch your team win, go onto continue. Go Miami!”

Sports fans in Kansas City won’t have to wait long for the next big event to come to Kansas City. Next month, KC will host the NFL Draft from April 27-29.