FORECAST: Scattered showers possible Monday evening

Published: Mar. 27, 2023 at 6:38 AM CDT
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For today we are stuck in between patterns. High-pressure has not formed within the central plains, but at this time any inclement weather isn’t expected for the next 12 hours. An upper-level low pressure hitching a ride on the cold front will deep in out of the northwest tonight, and allow for scattered showers to occur, as early as mid this evening into the early morning timeframe of Tuesday. Temperatures are expected to hold in the lower 50s both days with mild wind. By Wednesday temperatures begin to climb back to seasonal within the lower 60s. Partly sunny skies are expected during this time frame, but a new area of low pressure develops just to the west at the same time a cold front organizes north of Nebraska and begins to be forced south due to high pressure coming out of Canada.

Both systems meet each other around Thursday afternoon and begin to develop opportunities for showers and thunderstorms. The timing on the wet weather event is still unstable. However, I am seeing signs in the raw data for severe weather threats, mainly pushing into Friday. The StormTrack 5 weather team will continue to monitor the end of the week for inclement weather closely. The flipside to the storm threat are the temperatures that increase to the lower 70s. But by the weekend we expect temperatures to quickly drop back down to lower 50 Saturday only to rebound into the middle and upper 60s by Sunday and we will continue this into next week. A few chances for showers are expected but so far nothing that warrants a severe weather threat.