Thief steals 6 flatscreen TVs from the same Best Buy over several weeks

Managers report six large televisions were stolen over the course of four weeks.
Published: Mar. 21, 2023 at 1:28 PM CDT
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TOLEDO, Ohio (WTVG/Gray News) - A man in Ohio was allegedly able to walk out of a Best Buy while stealing a total of six TVs over the course of four weeks.

The Toledo store’s surveillance video has captured the suspect multiple times carrying a box with a flatscreen inside out to his vehicle.

The security footage obtained by WTVG shows the man enter and leave the store several times from Feb. 14, 2023 to March 15, 2023. Each time, employees said he picks up a TV in a box, brings it to the front, and carries it out on his head.

The suspect is typically seen wearing a sweatshirt with the hood up along with a white N95 mask that hides most of his face. One still image from a security video shows a man without a mask stealing a TV in the same way. Managers at the store said this man may or may not be the same suspect in all of the other cases.

Whether they are all the same person or not, the M.O. is the same in all cases, and the suspect wearing the mask always returns to the same vehicle.

In one instance, security video shows the man walk out of the store with a TV and load it into the trunk before returning to the store and stealing another TV five minutes later.

The Best Buy employees said they are getting fed up with being targeted over and over again and losing thousands of dollars in merchandise.

Anyone who recognizes the man in the video is asked to contact the Toledo Police Department.