Second dog dies from injuries from dog attack at Olathe’s Lucky PawsKC

Published: Mar. 20, 2023 at 9:34 AM CDT
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - A second dog has now died from injuries following a dog attack at Olathe’s Lucky PawsKC.

Ten-year-old Henry was put down on Saturday. His wounds reopened and his spine became exposed. The family was advised there was nothing that could be done from a surgical standpoint, and they made the tough decision.

His family tried to nurse the mini-Labradoodle back to health for a week following the initial emergency surgery. He was on a cocktail of medications and wore a cone around his head so he wouldn’t pull at drains and sutures.

The Crowell’s beloved 15-year-old Pomeranian mix named Bauer was found dead at the facility under a seesaw.

“We’re absolutely heartbroken by what this facility allowed to happen to our family and just pray that they are never allowed to harm another dog again. No family deserves to endure such a nightmare,” said owner Jordan Crowell.

A newly-released Animal Control report confirms several suspicions the family had regarding the attack.

The family questioned if larger dogs were mixed with smaller dogs. The report revealed 17 dogs were in the outside area, and four were smaller.

“This could have been completely avoided if they would have taken the proper care and had the proper protocols in place,” said dog owner Jordan Crowell.

The family pointed to Lucky Paws’ own website which states it’s “fully supervised.” Another section says play groups will remain small. Groups will be determined by size. Another section says, “Large and small dog areas are separated.”

The report revealed the dogs were outside and a female employee was in the kitchen preparing food when she heard “a commotion.” The door was propped open. The employee told Animal Control there were two dogs “fence-fighting,” but no one appeared to be injured so she went back inside.

The report detailed a lack of cooperation from Lucky Paws staff as Animal Control tried to get information regarding the attack.

A Lucky Paws employee also refused to give information regarding the employee who worked at the time of the attack. The Animal Control report indicates that the decision was made by the owner.

Animal Control eventually brought an Olathe Police officer to the facility where the owner, Harwin Sandhu, directly refused to give an employee’s information. The report details how the owner was advised they would get a subpoena to force cooperation.

A supplementary incident report detailed a second visit to Lucky Paws where investigators note “no one was outside with the dogs.” This was just five days after the fatal dog attack.

The owner of the facility told KCTV5 that he was sorry for the family, but that the facility did nothing wrong.

“It’s dogs. They have teeth and behaviors. And all waivers were signed by the owners,” said Harwin Sandhu, owner of Lucky Paws KC.

Lucky Paws KC has offered to pay for emergency vet bills which are now in the thousands of dollars.

An attorney representing Lucky Paws KC released this statement to KCTV5:

The Crowells went public questioning who holds facilities accountable in these situations.

A division of the Kansas Department of Agriculture oversees shelters and boarding facilities in Kansas. We contacted the Animal Facilities Program and they confirm they have an inspection at Lucky Paws KC, “which will take place soon.” But it’s unclear if they will review the report taken by Olathe Animal Control as part of their inspection.

The Crowells said the entire family is devastated by the dog attacks. The youngest child is confused about why Bauer and Henry are gone.

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