After warning from AG, Walgreens won’t send abortion pills to Kansas after all

Mifepristone is used, together with another medication called misoprostol, to end an early...
Mifepristone is used, together with another medication called misoprostol, to end an early pregnancy.(MGN)
Published: Feb. 20, 2023 at 9:19 AM CST
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KANSAS (KCTV) - Walgreens won’t send mail-order abortion pills to Kansas after all, following a warning to the retailer from the state’s attorney general.

Kansas Attorney General Kris Kobach had sent a letter earlier this month to Walgreens executives warning that the company’s plan to provide abortion pills to Kansans via mail-order violated federal and state laws. The attorney general argued that federal law prohibits knowingly mailing anything meant to cause an abortion while state law requires abortifacients like mifepristone to be administered in the presence of the prescribing doctor.

Kobach also wrote that the White House’s attempt to make these pills available through the mail is “an exercise in motivated reasoning.”

Walgreens ended up relenting to Kobach’s warning, writing in a letter, “Walgreens does not intend to dispense Mifepristone within your state and does not intend to ship Mifepristone into your state from any of our pharmacies. If this approach changes, we will be sure to notify you.”

“This is a significant victory for the pro-life cause and for women’s health,” Kobach said. “The dispensing of these pills without a supervising physician present would expose women to complications and potentially to coercion as well. I’m grateful Walgreens has responded quickly and reasonably and intends to fully comply with the law.”

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