Genesis School reacts to decision to revoke its charter

Published: Feb. 17, 2023 at 6:50 PM CST
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Genesis School parents, teachers and students are searching for solutions on the heels of a decision by the Missouri Charter Public School Commission to revoke the K-8 school’s charter.

Emmanuel Chavez lit up while showing off his grades to Genesis School Executive Director Kevin Foster.

After graduating from Genesis last year, he’s now a freshman honor student at Lincoln College Prep Academy. It’s a far cry from when he first arrived at the school from California, struggling to learn and speak English.

“I feel like they should not have done that,” said Chavez. “Especially when they haven’t entered the building to see how the teachers teach kids. Even if you’re below average, they try to help you to get average or advanced.”

Chavez is still processing days after the Missouri Charter Public School Commission voted 6-1 to revoke the school’s charter, citing low test scores.

But, Genesis officials say the data proves otherwise.

“Our board is very disappointed at the vote on Feb. 15,” said Foster. “We thought we provided really solid evidence about our academic outcomes during the terms of this contract. It’s clear there’s strong, public support for our school.”

According to Foster, five of the eight years that Missouri has measured growth, Genesis has scored above the state average in growth. Foster also said they exceeded growth three of the five years.

Francis Rodriguez had five students attending the school at one point, including Emmanuel. She said she’s seen drastic improvements that she’s also benefiting from.

“I speak more English because they teach me,” Rodriguez said. “I can tell they learn a lot.”

The board plans to meet next week to determine whether it should appeal to the State Board of Education.

“I feel like my kids are safe here,” Rodriguez added. “I worry about finding another school that my kids will be safe at.”

According to the Missouri Charter Public School Commission, Genesis’ charter will be revoked June 30.

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