Shatto Milk expecting to release 18,000 bottles of red velvet milk

FILE: Shatto Milk Company expects to release 18,000 bottles of red velvet milk after the Chiefs...
FILE: Shatto Milk Company expects to release 18,000 bottles of red velvet milk after the Chiefs defeated the Jaguars in the AFC Divisional round.(Shatto Milk Company)
Published: Jan. 23, 2023 at 5:07 PM CST
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KANSAS CITY, Mo. (KCTV) - Chiefs Kingdom includes animals now – cows to be specific. One area family dairy farm is putting a spin on its milk, and the goal is to help support Kansas City on its quest to the Super Bowl.

With the Chiefs 27-20 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars Saturday, KC is just one win away from clinching a spot in this year’s Super BowI.

“We’re excited the Chiefs got through the divisional round,” said Shatto Milk Company representative Matt Shatto. “We’re headed to th e AFC Championship game. We listened to our customers. They wanted some red milk so we’re bringing back red milk.”

Tuesday, Shatto Milk Company will release their popular red velvet milk flavor. The local family dairy farm has been around since 2003 and bottles their own farm-fresh milk.

“We’re thinking we’re going to be able to release about 18,000 bottles of red velvet milk, whether it’s our normal pint bottles or some of our limited release bottles that we’ve done over the years,” Shatto said.

That’s nearly 2,500 gallons of milk. The company started the red milk campaign five years ago when Patrick Mahomes took the league by storm.

Shatto recalled, “Whenever he came on board and there was craze about his awesome hairstyle, we decided to think about ways that we can make our cow a little bit more fun in the Mahomes spirit. So, we came up with the KC Cow logo. Then, for our awesome coach, Andy Reid, we came up with a coach cow logo as well to kind of celebrate him and what he’s meant to Kansas City and this area.”

The company’s known for its quality and has won several awards. Shatto said the business was started for two reasons – to save the family farm, and to make milk “fun” again.

“And this just kind of feeds into that,” he added. “Not too many dairies around the country will offer red milk or black milk for the eclipse when it came through. We try to do things out of the box, fun, unique, and this is a part of it. Hopefully, they recognize that and have a little fun along the way.”

In addition to the red milk release, specialty apparel including the “Mahomes Dairy Cow” and “Coach Reid Dairy Cow” items are available for purchase throughout the playoffs at the farm store.