Maintaining his claims of innocence, Lamar Johnson tells his story in court

Published: Dec. 15, 2022 at 12:59 PM CST
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ST. LOUIS (KCTV) - Lamar Johnson testified before a judge about a 1994 murder he insists he did not do.

Q: Did you kill Marcus Boyd?

A: No, Sir.

Johnson has spent 28 years in prison.

He clarified he’s never murdered anyone and was completely unaware of any plans that unfolded that day.

Johnson is back in court because of a new Missouri law that allows prosecutors to take old cases back before a judge. Johnson is now the second person. Kevin Strickland, from Kansas City, was freed after 43 years in prison.

Johnson testified to his alibi that night, that he was with his girlfriend but left for a brief period to make a drug deal.

His former girlfriend, Erika Barrow, was also questioned under oath — she backed his claim.

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Q: Was it possible for him to go there, commit a crime and come back?

A: No.

Johnson told the judge that he waived his Miranda rights and immediately provided his alibi and told police he did not kill his friend.

He participated in the lineup where an eyewitness identified him, despite the fact that the two gunmen wore masks in the dark.

“‘Cause I didn’t kill Marcus and I knew no one would pick me out,” Johnson said.

Johnson explains how he received a letter from Phillip Campbell admitting to the crime and clearing him.

But Campbell had his own upcoming trial and wanted to wait before clearing Johnson.

It’s a decision that had serious legal implications for Johnson who was represented by a public defender.

Johnson explained how he became his own investigator and learned how to file open records requests.

He read books and dug up information regarding a jailhouse informant who testified against him and learned that the informant cut previous deals.

His testimony continues.

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